Lens Guide

When choosing the right lens, consider the conditions you'll be using them in. The tint of the lens will affect the amount of sunlight that will pass through. The lower the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating, the darker the lens. The higher the VLT rating, the lighter the lens.

Technical Information

VLT 10%

Grey Lens

Optimal lens for daily use. Provided increased clarity and depth perception while providing visual comfort

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VLT 11%

Bronze Lens

Highly versatile and performs great in high-solar and low-light setting alike.

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VLT 11.5%

Blue Lens

Ideal for daily use on and off the water. This exterior added treatment gives you even more protection from the sun even in the brightest of conditions.

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VLT 15%

Rose Lens

Delivers enhanced color, increased depth perception and optimal performance across a variety of light conditions

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VLT 84%

Yellow Lens

Best for low light and night lighting situations. Also ideal for use while indoors, at the office in front of screens/computers for long period of times.

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