Join John John Florence and Vela for the trip of a lifetime

Join John John Florence and Vela for the trip of a lifetime
It is easy to see why John Florence would look to the ocean as a place for adventure. When you grow up on an island in the middle of the Pacific, it calls to you. Whether you surf, dive, fish, or sail, the ocean beckons for more of your soul every day until you give in to the call of the wild. For John John, it was only a matter of time.
John John Florence stands in an old photo with a sailboat. Years before he partnered with Electric sunglasses, John had a dream to sail his boat to distant islands.
John grew up on the North Shore of O'ahu. Surfers call it the Seven Mile Miracle and tourists call it a Pacific Paradise. But, when you have spent your entire life on the North Shore beaches it is easier to think about going somewhere even more exotic. It all started with a small sailboat and a desire to get offshore. Now, with two World Surfing Championship titles, a 48' foot catamaran, a crew of good friends, and a destination over 1,000 nautical miles away, it was time to embark on the trip of a lifetime!
John John Florence grew up sailing his smaller boats from the beach and essentially, around the neighborhood. He uses his Electric polarized sunglasses to keep the sun from damaging his eyes.
John wore his signature, polarized JJF12 sunglasses for unparalleled comfort, clarity, and protection on the water. The articulating eye shields blocked the reflecting light from entering the side of the frame. When you are living on the water, you need protection like only the JJF12 product can offer. 
John John Florence wears his signature Electric JJF12 polarized sunglasses onboard the Vela.
John John Florence hangs below his boat, the VELA. He used his Electric JJF12 sunglasses above board to protect his eyes.
You can view episode 1 & 2 on John's youtube channel now. Get comfortable and join the crew of VELA for life on the sea!